Solo Ontario Racing

Solo 1 competitions are time trials on real racetracks, using everything from street-driven cars to full-blown racecars. The competition is against the clock, with the aim being to record a faster lap than all the other drivers in your class, and to be more consistent than all of the other class winners.

The track is where the 'bull' stops and the stopwatch rules! You've got to have power, but you've also got to be able to turn. The racing is one car at a time, and your best lap counts out of a day's worth of runs. Solo 1 allows everyone to 'Take it to the Track', to find out whether your Type R can really wax that Celica GT-S, whether the Vette or the Porsche will be 'king of the hill', whether the WRX really is a BMW-beater, and whether you have what it takes!

The classes are designed to let cars of similar performance compete against each other. So V8 muscle cars run up against turbocharged imports, sports sedans from Europe against domestic and Japanese challengers, and swift little frontdrivers against small roadsters.

Is your ride modded up? No problem! There are multiple classes for your car, depending on how much work you've done. The rules charge preparation points for different types of modifications, allowing you the freedom to choose which ones will make your car fastest. Pick your poison: will reworked camshafts and lifters work better than intake mods and a chip?

Or will stiffer swaybars help more than either of them? If you do modify your car, safety is encouraged by allowing the additional weight of a roll cage and extinguisher system to be offset with stripping out the interior. Or leave your car completely stock, lots do! Regardless, all cars must be scrutinized for safety at each event.

For those who really want to go fast, here's a tip: tires rule! Good rubber will transform your car and allow it to live up to its potential. Many competitors bring along a set of race tires and change from their streets every event.

Get Started, It's Easy!

First you need to be a member of a CASC-OR affiliated car club: see a list of clubs and contacts here. Then you need to get a Grade C Competition Licence from CASC-OR, for which you'll need your club membership card and $50. Then you'll need a helmet, full face or open, with a Snell 95 or better rating.

Finally you need to register for the series and we recommend that you sign up for the two-day Solo 1 School. The Solo 1 School is a valuable and eye-opening experience: the goal is to introduce novices to driving fast on a racetrack in a safe and controlled manner. This year the school will be held May 7th and 8th at the Mosport Driver Development Track near Bowmanville.

Come to the Solo 1 Open House on April 3rd to find out more. Ask questions of the organizers and other competitors, get a copy of the regulations, register for events and schools.

The Open House is being hosted by CSC Racing Products at 125A Harry Walker Parkway in Newmarket, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Sunday, April 3rd, 2005.

For 2005, the Mobil 1 Solo 1 Championship consists of nine (9) events, run over five weekends at Shannonville, Mosport and Cayuga. Additionally, there will also be a special school and non-championship Solo event new road course being built at Calabogie, near Ottawa!

Trophies will be awarded each day for the event's top scorer and top novice, and during the Solo Banquet November 5th for the overall, class, and novice championships.